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Periodic Table of Texas Wines©

It's finally here!  This is the ONLY site where you can view and order the exclusive Periodic Table of Texas Wines© tee-shirts.  If you've seen other. older versions of this concept you know that they are pretty cool and eye-catching.  

What makes ours special (other than our "Cicada Cellars" logo on the front) is that the grapes noted in our table tee-shirts are all produced in Texas...e.g. it's not just some random listing of grape varietals (of which there are thousands!).

This table tee-shirt does not depict all the varietals currently grown  in the Lone Star State and most of these varietals are produced in many other AVA's and around the world.  We listed the grapes most commonly showing up in the great Texas Wines now being produced across the state.

Our first run of these was limited so as to allow for proper and exacting production and so we could offer this release as "first editions".

Only 50 Periodic Table of Texas Wines© tee-shirts were produced, half in white and half in "chambray".  The t-shirts are the high-quality Comfort Colors brand.  We are offering M, LG, XL and a few XXL's and they are going quickly!

To reflect the "first edition" opportunity, we are offering these to our customers at $30.00/shirt ($32.00 for XXL) plus sales tax.  If you need your order shipped, we must add $7.95 to your purchase to cover shipping.

While we will be ordering more as needed, this is the only true "first edition" of these tee-shirts! Order now before it's too late!

E-mail or call 830-456-9324 to purchase.

Periodic Table of Texas Wines©

Periodic Table of Texas Wines©