Customer Testimonials Cicada Cellars in Stonewall

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“The most tremendously amazing and impressive wines out there. In the entire universe, for all time. And believe me, I know about these things, bigly”...D. Trump

”Morphing traditional roles of a winery to leverage core competencies they drill down through convergent processes and big data to aggressively mash-up bleeding edge fuzzy logic resulting in a buzzword compliant, client-facing wine we believe we is well within their demographic wheelhouse.  Once you’ve experienced Cicada Cellars in Stonewall you can rest on your unicorns, cross-collateralize your blockchain and bandwidth any reverse-fulfillment pain points.  Seriously though, this is good wine!”  International "Business" Review

Wait, you guys made this?!”  My brothers

“Cicada Cellars in FredericksburgTX...OMG”...V. Putin

Ruby-Eyed Red? They shoulda called it “wine-ski”, lol...A. Einstein

”We get a discount if you use our quote, right?”...Everyone

"Tightly focused, with a beam of linzer torte, bitter cherry, plum sauce and fig fruit laced with licorice snap, singed iron and roasted bay leaf. The long finish has lots of roasted fig, tar and spice notes for extra bass, but the acidity is there as well, deeply embedded…."ok, I made that up (not really, I stole it). Brilliantly descriptive and insightful or simply ridiculous, you decide!