Customer Testimonials Cicada Cellars in Stonewall

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“The most tremendously amazing and impressive wines out there. In the entire universe, for all time. And believe me, I know about these things, bigly”...D. Trump

”Morphing traditional roles of a winery to leverage core competencies they drill down through convergent processes and big data to aggressively mash-up bleeding edge fuzzy logic resulting in a buzzword compliant, client-facing wine we believe we is well within their demographic wheelhouse.  Once you’ve experienced Cicada Cellars in Stonewall you can rest on your unicorns, cross-collateralize your blockchain and bandwidth any reverse-fulfillment pain points.  Seriously though, this is good wine!”  International Business Review

Wait, you guys made this?!”  My brothers

“Cicada Cellars in FredericksburgTX...OMG”...V. Putin

Ruby-Eyed Red? They shoulda called it “wine-ski”, lol...A. Einstein

”We get a discount if you use our quote, right?”...Everyone